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"Who Else Wants to Earn An Income While You Are Realizing More of Your Potential While Helping Others?"

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Ultimate Destiny Network provides many ways for our members and customers and partners to “earn, learn and return“. The first of these is our Ultimate Destiny Affiliate Program where you can earn from 10% to 25% on thousands of programs, products and services we provide to our members.

If you are affiliated with a non-profit organization, you will want to learn more about our Ultimate Fundraising Program. www.ultimatefundraisingprograms.com

We created Ultimate Destiny University to help individuals, organizations and communities awaken to the greatness within each of us, realize more of our inherent potential and discover how to fulfill more of our ultimate destiny. Our objective is to help provide those of us who care about spirit, purpose and earth stewardship to enjoy having expanded access to development training and empowerment resources.

Ultimate Destiny is dedicated to “Expanding the Circle of Success” by providing greater access to state-of-the-art development training materials to previously underserved populations. These include the staffs and clients of social service agencies and service clubs.


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